I’m a postdoctoral researcher currently working on how we predict and perceive the sensory consequences of our own actions (see Research). I did my PhD at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain with Philipp Sterzer and Felix Blankenburg, where I worked on motion perception using fMRI and multivoxel pattern analysis. Then I moved to Marburg for a long postdoc in the SFB/TRR 135 “Cardinal mechanisms of perception” with Tilo Kircher and Benjamin Straube. During that time I’ve worked on many projects investigating action predictions using psychophysics and fMRI. Since November 2019 I’m on my own DFG grant in Glasgow, where I’ll work together with Lars Muckli and aim to further investigate predictive processes using layer-specific fMRI.


November 2021

Two papers accepted for publication on the same day! What a great feeling 🙂

B.M. van Kemenade, G. Wilbertz, A. Müller, P. Sterzer. Non-stimulated regions in early visual cortex encode the contents of conscious visual perception. Human Brain Mapping. Link

B.E. Arikan, B.M. van Kemenade, K. Fiehler, T. Kircher, K. Drewing, B. Straube. Different contributions of efferent and reafferent feedback to sensorimotor temporal recalibration. Scientific Reports. Link

March 2021

New preprint: Sensorimotor temporal recalibration: the contribution of motor-sensory and inter-sensory components. BioRxiv. Link

I started mentoring at the Action Potential Advising Program, aimed at advising high school and undergraduate students. It’s a great online opportunity to help out students with all questions they might have about neuroscience careers, really love this initiative!

February 2021

Preprint alert: Action-based predictions affect visual perception, neural processing, and pupil size, regardless of temporal predictability. BioRxiv. Link

January 2021

Paper accepted! Schmitter, C., Steinsträter, O., Kircher, T., van Kemenade, B.M.*, Straube, B.* (accepted). Commonalities and differences in predictive neural processing of discrete vs continuous action feedback. NeuroImage. *contributed equally

November 2020

Paper accepted! Uhlmann, L., Pazen, M., van Kemenade, B.M., Kircher, T., & Straube, B. (accepted). Neural correlates of self-other distinction in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders: The roles of agency and hand identity. Schizophrenia Bulletin

Published my first preprint! Non-stimulated regions in early visual cortex encode the contents of conscious visual perception. BioRxiv. Link