We are hiring! We have a postdoc position open in the lab. For more details, please see the job ad.

Welcome to the website of the Systems Neuroscience of Action and Perception (SNAP) lab, led by Prof. Bianca van Kemenade. We investigate questions regarding perception and action. For example, how do we distinguish self-generated from externally generated stimuli? How do our actions influence our perception and neural processing? And how might problems with these mechanisms be involved in schizophrenia? We use fMRI, TMS, and behavioural methods to answer such questions.


October 2023

We welcome Yannik Heidelbach and Elena Witzel to the lab. Yannik will do his Masters thesis here, and Elena her Bachelors thesis. We’re looking forward to working with you!

August 2023

Juan Carlo Cabato joined the lab as a PhD student. Welcome Carlo!